Clay Class

Come play in the clay with us!  We offer a variety of onsite & offsite classes, from 1 day workshops to 6 week sessions.

How do I sign up for a class?

Get a group of friends together and email or message me through Instagram or FB.  I may occasionally offer 1 or 2 day classes for individuals or couples to join and I will advertise those on social media @fair.meadow.ceramics–social media is the best way to stay updated on new classes (or products).

What can we make?

All classes are handbuilding classes and the possibilities are endless!  We can make succulent planters, personalized plates, mugs, spoon rests, mini-sculptures, garden markers, juice cups, bread warmers, pumpkins, wavy bowls, lanterns, photo stands and more!  Please see below for a few examples of past student work.

In-Studio Clay Class details:

  • Classes usually meet Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday for 1.5 hours
  • 1 day Handbuilding Workshop, $35; you make the project & I glaze it for you!
  • 3 week session, $75: first 2 weeks are handbuilding, we take a 1 week break for pieces to dry & fire, then come back for the 3rd session to glaze on the 4th week
  • 6 week session, $140: the first four weeks are handbuilding with clay, the last 2 weeks are glazing weeks
  • Classes are held in our open air studio space in Fullerton  
  • 6 student minimum for each class or you may choose to split the additional cost among the attending students (for example if you have 5 students for a 1 day workshop it would be $42/student instead of $35)
  • New classes may open depending on interest level; sibling or school group discounts may apply so please ask!

Off-site Class location details:

  • $30/student per class for groups of 8 or more meeting offsite for 3 weeks or more; large group discounts may apply
  • $45/student for one time classes or parties; this includes the service of glazing your project for you and delivering the completed projects to your class location, as well as set-up, clean-up, and all necessary materials, except tables/chairs; travel fees may apply for locations 30 minutes or more from Fullerton, Ca
  • Classes can be tailored to meet your needs, but the offsite class costs are higher due to the amount of equipment I bring to make the class/event successful
  • You provide tables and chairs, we can do the rest

FMC workshops are great for women’s groups, kids’ birthday parties, or gatherings of friends.  Working in clay can be a refreshing creative outlet, and a great opportunity to connect with friends or reflect on something you’ve been learning or thinking about lately.  We provide the materials & tools, as well as guidance to build a beautiful ceramic piece.  Please contact us if you have any questions!

Taking the class for school? In Clay Class students will:

  • Learn various hand-building techniques and glazing methods
  • Express themselves creatively
  • Explore design techniques in clay
  • Make something to be used or given as a gift
  • Have fun and get a little muddy (playing in clay is therapeutic in the same way that working in a garden can be!  Something about that mud!)
  • Develop a growth mindset while working in a new medium
  • Experiment with various elements of art (color, form, texture, etc.) and principles of design (balance, unity, contrast, pattern, etc.), taught at grade appropriate levels

Classes are geared towards K-8th grade (we suggest a parent stays to help children in Kindergarten) and often cross-curricular, covering ideas in math, science, language arts, or history along with Visual Arts Standards.  Projects are seasonal and based on student age and experience level. I may be able to offer discounts for school groups, so please ask.

We provide an encouraging, positive environment, where students can explore and try new things, fail and try again, succeed and be celebrated, and learn to see the beauty in the world around us and the imperfect (or perfect) things we create!  Please see below for a glimpse of past student work!

Before we ever put a pencil in a child’s hand, those hands should dig, press, push, pull, squish, twist, and pinch in a wide array of environments and with a variety of materials.  – Amanda Morgan

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