IMG_6639I’m Allie, the owner/artist of Fair Meadow Ceramics. My small pottery business is based in my garage studio in Fullerton, Ca and started in 2018 with the premise that making makes us happier. I believe we’re made to create, whether music, painting, a delicious meal, a digital design, or any number of things.  FMC is a creative outlet for me and a place where I can share my passion for teaching, art, and nature with our community.

A little about me . . . I’m a local mom with a teaching background, 2 fluffy dogs, 3 boys, and a love for the central coast (where my husband & I studied & met).  I’ve been working in the clay on and off since high school, with classes here and there and a job in a pottery studio in college.  I never expected to start my own ceramic business, but its been an exciting way to blend together and share so many things I love, while helping to support my family from my home base.

Why the name Fair Meadow Ceramics?  It has a few meanings to me.  First of all, much of my work is done in my outdoor studio with a large hill of wildflowers in the background for a few seasons of the year. Secondly, it’s symbolic of growing things—trees & grasses, our own personal growth, and the little people in our lives who sometimes grow like weeds (and whom I love very much!).  Lastly, the words “fair meadow” are from an old hymn that ran through my mind often in the days when I started my studio and continue to be meaningful to me.  All of my work, whether creating my own pottery or helping students create their own works of art, are reminders to me of beauty and growth, experiences I’m happy to share with whoever would like to join me.



Making makes us happier . . .


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