Welcome! I’m Allie, the heart and hands behind each piece you see at Fair Meadow Ceramics.  From my home studio in Fullerton, Ca, I create pottery designed to be used and enjoyed everyday.  I use texture, color, and design to create art that is meant to bring a bit of joy or a peaceful moment to your busy life.  My work is inspired by the natural beauty of California, which I love exploring with my 3 boys, husband, and 2 dogs.

A little background . . . I’m a So Cal mom with a teaching background and my heart drawn to the central coast, where I met my husband at Cal Poly, SLO.  I’ve been working in the clay on and off since high school, with classes here and there and a college job in a pottery studio.  Fair Meadow Ceramics started in 2018 with the premise that making makes us happier and has been an exciting way to blend together and share so many things I love. I believe we’re made to create, whether music, painting, a delicious meal, a digital design, or any number of things.  FMC is a creative outlet and a place where I can share my passion for teaching, art, and nature with our community. Hope you will join me!

Making makes us happier . . .



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